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FLAMINGO GLOBAL SERVICES has been providing packing and freight delivery solutions for customers since last so many years. At present, FLAMINGO GLOBAL SERVICES has become recognized brand in the Ahmedabad for international courier and cargo service.

During the company's historic growth in Ahmedabad, one thing has remained unbroken: the commitment to provide our customers with all type of solutions at one place for sending anything to anywhere in the World.

FLAMINGO GLOBAL SERVICES provides our customer’s access to multiple services likewise, cargo courier, shipping, mailing and removals services. Also, we provided services with no limits on the size, value or weight of items carried. This means that no matter what our customer's needs are in terms of budget, delivery time and reliability of sending courier. We have the resources and expertise team to pick up and deliver the courier almost any destination on the earth.

We also offer to our corporate client complete range of value-added services, include specialized custom packaging of items of any size or weight. We are the logistics leader in Ahmedabad and India respect to packaging any kind of goods that are fragile, large, difficult, and valued.

FLAMINGO GLOBAL SERVICES contributes in a high growing logistics services market in India. Expertise and globalization have re-shaped the way of both industries for people buy and send things - and this tradition will play to the company's strengths. Also we were having innovative technology and corporate classifications, physical points-of-presence and complete packaging and freight solutions in Ahmedabad. This is a unique set of company capabilities and tactical focus it is preferably positioned to enjoy strong upcoming growth.



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